Residential Letting Fees

Landlords fees:

KALMARs charge our landlords a percentage of the annual rent plus VAT for the marketing of the property and securing a tenant. In most lettings we do recommend that an inventory report is produced however this and any other costs associated with letting a residential property are at the discretion of the landlord not KALMARs.

List of Lettings Payments

All payments and documents must be received prior to tenancy agreement being signed.

Admin charges are made for KALMARs administration relating to tenancy agreements and also to secure the property off the market.

Reference checks are conducted externally and usually by Rent4sure. This is to review, assess and report to the landlord regarding your letting history, employment and credit score.

Admin and tenancy agreement charge: £342.00

Reference check per person : £108.00

All charges and payments are inclusive of VAT

Inventory Check

This to protect your deposit. We usually employ an independent company to assess the condition of the property when you move in and out. It is there to ensure no irregularities or difference of opinion jeopardise the security deposit. This process comes in two stages; check in, which is paid for by the owner; check out, which is paid for by the tenant. This charge for the inventory varies usually between £100-£300 depending on the property size, you can be provided this information for any property upon request.

Money Protection Scheme

As KALMARs Residential do not receive, hold or transfer any form of deposits we are not part of a money protection scheme. This is a responsibility of either your property manager or landlord.

Redress Scheme

KALMARs Residential are a registered member of The Property Redress Scheme

  1. If references are failed it is likely you will not be granted a tenancy of the property (this will be at the owner’s discretion). In the event of applicants failing references and not being granted a tenancy KALMARs will not be able to refund the reference payments but will refund admin and tenancy agreement charge (£342).