Area Guide - Buying Properties in Blackheath

Blackheath, a vibrant London village nestled in South London, is a prime location for both commercial and residential properties. Known for its independent shops, traditional pubs, railway station, library, concert halls, and expansive green heath, Blackheath presents a unique blend of historical charm and modern amenities.

Properties in Blackheath

Properties in Blackheath

Highly sought after, Blackheath's properties are coveted for their excellent transport links, family-friendly atmosphere, and remarkable value for money. The range includes studio flats, terraced houses, grand manors, and modern apartments, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Prices span from budget-friendly to premium, ensuring accessibility for all. The area's quality of life is enhanced by abundant green spaces, diverse dining options, and a strong sense of community.

Explore residential and commercial properties in Blackheath.

The History of Blackheath

Blackheath, located in London, England, is a substantial area of common land with historical roots dating back to the 11th century. The name "Blackheath" is believed to originate from its alleged use as a dark-coloured heath. Throughout history, it has witnessed significant events, hosting rebellions led by figures such as Wat Tyler (beheaded in 1381) and Jack Cade (died in 1450). Additionally, Blackheath holds the distinction of being the site of England's first golf club, laid out by James I.

Early botanists were well-acquainted with the heath's habitat, and during the 18th century, extensive mineral extraction took place. In 1832, it gained prominence as one of the polling places for members of Parliament under the Reform Bill.

With a rich and diverse history spanning centuries, Blackheath has played a pivotal role in British history.

Leisure & Amenities in Blackheath

Blackheath, London, is a prime location for leisure activities and amenities. Blackheath Halls, an iconic venue, presents music, theatre, and film shows. Farmers' Markets on Sundays offer locally grown produce, and independent shops, pubs, and restaurants add charm to the area. Annual events like the Blackheath Fireworks Festival and local celebrations like ‘Love Blackheath’ keep the community vibrant. With these attractions, stunning scenery, and a variety of leisure activities, it's no surprise that many choose this charming corner of London for their next home or day out.

Places to go and things to do:

Places to eat and drink in Blackheath:

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Transport In and Around Blackheath

Blackheath is well connected with London’s excellent transport system making it an ideal place to live and explore. With the DLR and bus services running through the area, locals have easy access to Central London as well as other parts of South-East London. National Rail trains from Lewisham station are also within walking distance, connecting Blackheath to other major cities in England. For those that prefer cycling or jogging, there are plenty of tranquil routes around lakes and parks located close by. Blackheath provides the perfect balance between city life and nature - ideal for those who want the best of both worlds.

The Conservatoire: Art, Music & Drama Educational Charity

Blackheath is home to The Conservatoire, a specialist music education centre that provides an inspiring environment for anyone interested in learning to play a musical instrument. Established in 2014, The Conservatoire is committed to offering top-level instruction and guidance for aspiring students as well as providing group lessons and opportunities for young people to get involved with live concerts. Its unique approach to music education ensures that students of all ages, levels and backgrounds are catered for and nurtured so they can reach their full potential.

KALMARs – Easte Agents in Blackheath

KALMARs is an independent estate and letting agent that has proudly served the Blackheath area for over 40 years. Our team of experienced professionals take pride in offering a personalised service to our clients, helping them make well-informed decisions with respect to their property needs. We provide a range of solutions, including sales, lettings and investment advice, all tailored to meet your specific requirements. Explore our services for unrivalled expertise in Blackheath’s property market.

 Estate Agents in Blackheath


Blackheath is a vibrant and welcoming area with plenty of opportunities for those looking to explore or settle down. With its mix of culture, cafes, shops, and parks, there’s something here to suit anyone. Plus, with local estate and letting agents such as KALMARs providing unrivalled service and in-depth knowledge of the area, Blackheath offers the perfect environment to find a new home or to start your next business venture.

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