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Nestled in South-East London, Lewisham can be found just south of Deptford. It’s a dynamic and diverse district brimming with character and charm. Renowned for its vibrant high street, bustling shopping centre, and lively market, Lewisham offers a unique blend of urban energy and community spirit. Lewisham is primarily known for its high street, shopping centre and daily market.
Area Guide – Lewisham


Lewisham's rich history echoes through the ages, with its Saxon origins evident in its name "Levesham", meaning "village by the river". The area's strategic location at the confluence of the Quaggy and Ravensbourne rivers fostered its development as a settlement. In 1086, the Domesday Book recorded 11 water mills in the vicinity, a testament to its agricultural roots. While agriculture dominated Lewisham's landscape until the arrival of the railway in 1849, its transformation into a commuter hub propelled its growth. The iconic clock tower, erected in 1900 to honor Queen Victoria, stands as a timeless landmark, symbolizing the area's flourishing past and unwavering spirit.

Leisure & Amenities

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Transport in Lewisham:

  • Lewisham station for the DLR and Southeastern trains. A transportation hub that seamlessly connects you to the city's vibrant pulse
  • Lewisham bus station for many routes throughout London. Offering convenient access to Canary Wharf, the City, and the West End.


Lewisham is home to several educational institutions, including Lewisham University Hospital and Lewisham Southwark College (LeSoCo). These institutions contribute significantly to the area's vibrant academic and professional landscape.

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