Area Guide - Buying Properties in Greenwich


Greenwich, encompassing both the Peninsula and the Village, stands as a captivating blend of the old and the new along the serene Thames loop. As a burgeoning community with a promising future, Greenwich Peninsula boasts a strategic location and ambitious plans for 15,000 new homes. Notable landmarks like the O2 Arena (formerly The Dome) and the Emirates Air Line make Greenwich Peninsula a unique and attractive destination for visitors.

Area Guide - Buying Properties in Greenwich


The Peninsula's history, evolving from marshes to a hub of industry, tells a fascinating tale. Initially drained in the 16th century, the land witnessed a grim chapter as pirates' remains adorned gibbets. From being a critical gunpowder store in the 17th century to a thriving industrial centre in the 19th century, the area underwent significant changes. The 1990s marked a turning point with the redevelopment, fuelled by the advent of transportation links, paving the way for the transformation of abandoned factories into a vibrant community. Greenwich Village situated in South London, boasts a significant maritime and royal history. Initially a royal residence in the 15th century, it gained importance for navigation with the establishment of the Royal Observatory in the 17th century. This contributed to the area's recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

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Area Guide - Buying Properties in Greenwich


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Is Greenwich a nice place to live?

Residents benefit from having an abundance of local amenities on their doorstep. With convenient access to Greenwich high-street, independent shops, Greenwich market, restaurants, pubs, a theatre, cinema, museums, sports and recreation facilities, parks, and reputable schools. Greenwich is a sought-after location for families establishing lasting connections. KALMARs Residential can assist you in listing your property, or alternatively, help you find your ideal home in this desirable area.

Business is Booming in Greenwich

Greenwich not only offers an ideal residential setting but also serves as a dynamic business hub. With a diverse range of commercial properties , from shops, restaurants, bars and modern offices, the area provides a strategic and vibrant environment for businesses and is

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