Area Guide - Buying Properties in Canada Water

Canada Water is situated in Zone 2 of London, located next to Rotherhithe. It is an area that is currently undergoing significant regeneration.

In partnership with British Land and the Canada Water Masterplan team, Canada Water is undergoing a huge regeneration project that aims to transform the area with a strong focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and innovation and aims to nurture community involvement, economic growth, and environmental consciousness.

This visionary initiative aims to establish strong and meaningful connections with the local community while fostering mutual relationships for a forward-thinking hub for living, working, studying, shopping, and traveling. The Masterplan, unfolding over approximately 15 years is currently in Phase 1. The result will be a meticulously crafted urban landscape that reflects the unique identity of Canada Water while ushering in a new era of dynamic and integrated living.

The Canada Water Masterplan | British Land

The Canada Water Masterplan | British Land

History of Canada Water:

Once an industrial dock, originally formed from the former Canada Dock in the Port of London. The connection between Canada Water and Rotherhithe to the Thames has been longstanding. Dating back to 1696, docks were established on this peninsula, evolving into an extensive, manmade network comprising canals, ponds, and pontoons filled with bustling maritime activity.

The area's transformation from an industrial hub to a bustling commercial and residential district reflects its rich history and adaptability.

Things to Do in Canada Water:

Canada Water provides a range of leisure options, from cultural experiences at the Canada Water Culture Space to shopping at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre. The area also features a variety of restaurants, cafes, and pubs for socializing and dining.

Restaurants/Bars in Canada Water

Canada Water Local Sunday Market

Transport in and Around Canada Water:

Located in Zone 2, Canada Water enjoys excellent connectivity with various transport options.

Properties in Canada Water:

Canada Water boasts a mix of contemporary apartments, townhouses, and waterfront properties. From affordable homes to upscale developments, the area caters to diverse preferences and budgets. View all of our available commercial and residential properties in Canada Water on our website.

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