Our Winning Approach to Commercial Real Estate

Our Winning Approach to Commercial Real Estate

Our Top 5 Tips for Making it work!

We know that the commercial real estate landscape has its challenges. As estate agents, we must evolve and adapt with innovative solutions to proactively navigate complexities.

Keeping Offices Alive!

We have all come to terms that the traditional office landscape is morphing with remote/hybrid work arrangements becoming the norm. So, the question is, what does this mean for the office industry? Undoubtedly, this presents challenges, yet, as always, so do opportunities! Agents must demonstrate adaptability in comprehending client requirements and tailoring their approach accordingly. Whether facilitating dynamic co-working spaces or optimizing traditional layouts for collaboration, our office agents strive to engage clients, understanding their unique needs. This enables us to curate a network comprising diverse co-working spaces, serviced offices, and innovative solutions.

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Office Units To Let: Viaducts, Maltings Place, 169 Tower Bridge Road, SE1 3LJ

Remote Viewings & CGI

In today’s real estate world, CGI images play a pivotal role in showcasing properties to clients, encouraging purchases, and driving deals. The ability to enhance visual imagery and provide remote viewings through 3D virtual tours powered by captivating CGI renditions provides detailed and realistic representations that surpass static images.

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New Business Studios For Sale/To Let: Silwood Street, SE16 2SX

Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation!

Economic uncertainties and rising construction costs can complicate negotiations. Our agents are your skilled navigators. Before entering negotiations, our market research, along with gathering data on comparable properties, lease rates, and market trends, allows us to secure the most favourable terms for your property. Thinking outside the box is key for agents, involving creative deal structuring techniques like lease-to-own arrangements, shared spaces, and flexible payment structures to optimize costs and meet the client’s needs.

A Greener Tomorrow: Embracing Sustainability:

Sustainability is no longer a trend; it’s a critical responsibility. As estate agents operating in the South London market for over 57 years, we’ve noticed a notable shift in the rising demand for sustainable buildings compared to conventional ones. With tenants seeking more sustainable property choices, particularly within the office sector, we discuss and advise on eco-friendly upgrades and practices with our clients. Informing them about the long-term value and attracting environmentally conscious tenants, we actively engage with businesses that promote sustainable development initiatives, shaping the future of the industry for the benefit of all.

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Standing Out from the CROWD!

The South London commercial real estate industry is undeniably competitive, and that’s a constant. How estate agents choose to navigate this competitive industry and stand out from their competitors is crucial.

Why would a prospective client choose one service over another?

  • Local market knowledge and a history of operating in the local area
  • Showcasing Successful transactions to date
  • A personable approach that treats clients as a priority to secure the best deal for them, not just viewed as a transaction.
  • Commitment and time invested in understanding their needs and requirements.

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The KALMARs Office: 2 Shad Thames, SE1 2YU

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